This Story About Tiger Woods Hurting Himself While Trying To Become A Navy SEAL Just Keeps Getting Weirder

tiger woods as a navy seal

Photo: and AP

A day after we found out that Hank Haney says that Tiger Woods tore his ACL while training to become a Navy SEAL in 2007, more details of Haney’s story have emerged from the AP.In his upcoming book, Haney claims that Tiger went to train in an urban-warfare simulator called a “Kill House” with some SEALs in California in 2007.

When he was there, he allegedly lost his balance and got kicked in the knee — which Haney says resulted in a complete ACL tear in his left knee, according to the AP.

How Haney claims he found this out is also weird.

A woman in Minnesota last year came up to him and told Haney that her husband was a Navy SEAL, and that Tiger once went to a Kill House and hurt his leg. The story was later corroborated by one of Tiger’s close friends.

Bottom line: who knows if it’s really true.

In the last week or so, Tiger’s purported Navy SEAL obsession has gotten more and more serious. And this latest excerpt from Haney’s book, if true, is the most damning account yet of how Tiger’s SEAL envy led to his downfall on the golf course.

The book comes out next week, at which point we should have more strange Tiger anecdotes like this.

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