Tiger Woods' latest update is both promising and worrisome

It has been nearly six months since Tiger Woods underwent his fourth back surgery and his latest update is both promising and worrisome at the same time.

Woods posted an update to his website in which he explained how far along he is on his rehab.

According to Woods, he is chipping and putting everyday, but he is still not taking full swings and he still can’t hit the ball farther than 60 yards.

“I’m starting to hit the ball a little further — 60-yard shots,” Woods wrote. “I have not taken a full swing since my back fusion surgery last April, but continue to chip and putt every day.”

While it is promising that Woods is swinging clubs everyday and slowly building back his golf game, the next part is going to be worrisome to those who have followed his career. According to Woods, among his other workouts, he is lifting weights twice a day.

“I’m working out six days a week, alternating between the treadmill, bike riding, swimming and lifting twice a day,” Woods said. “My muscle tone is coming back, but I’m not in golf shape yet. That’s going to take time.”

Many who have followed Tiger’s career feel it was derailed when he became obsessed with lifting weights.

His former coach, Hank Haney, commented on Woods’ size in 2014:

“He does a lot of the gym stuff. I know you need to do some for golf, no doubt about it. You need to be in shape, you need to avoid injury, but my opinion is he really overdoes that. … I look at him now and a lot of guys mentioned on the telecast, he looks bigger this year.”

Of course, we don’t know exactly what kind of weightlifting Tiger is doing, but during a rare, recent public appearance at the US Open, Tiger did not look small.

Who knows where Tiger’s game will be in a few months when the 2018 season starts, but it is a bit worrisome that Woods is lifting so many weights and still can’t hit the ball more than 60 yards.

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