Tiger Woods is wearing special muscle tape on his neck at The Open and it has the golf world worried

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  • Tiger Woods showed up to the first round of The Open Championship with Kinesio tape on his neck.
  • Normally, the sight of KT tape on an athlete would not be a concern, but given Woods’ history of back problems, the golf world certainly noticed.
  • The special tape for muscles is also not typically seen on golfers.

Tiger Woods raised eyebrows before he even teed off at The Open Championship when he showed up to the practice range with Kinesio tape on his neck.

KT tape can be used for different reasons but is often intended to increase blood flow to the muscles.

Tiger WoodsThe Golf Channel

According to Steve DiMeglio of USA Today, Tiger woke up with a stiff neck.

“Per his camp: Tiger Woods woke up with stiff neck, put on KT tape and quickly felt better,” DiMeglio wrote. “No big deal, nothing major.”

Normally, the sight of muscle tape on an athlete would not raise any alarms. But given Tiger’s history of back problems, including four surgeries, the move certainly raised some eyebrows and was immediately noticed by Golf Channel announcer Nick Faldo.

“I couldn’t say which way, if [Tiger’s] neck needs relaxing or stimulating, but that’s the first time I have ever seen Tiger with KT tape very visible,” Faldo said.

Other’s in the golf world took notice also.

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