Tiger Woods Officially Has A New favourite Shirt

Nike just released the outfits that Tiger Woods will wear at next weeks US Open.

He always wears red on Sundays, but there’s another shirt here that is becoming increasingly familiar — that orange-and-white striped Friday shirt:

Nike GolfThis is Tiger’s new favourite shirt.

He has been wearing it throughout the year. 

He even wore it on a private round with Kid Rock in Las Vegas last month. Kid Rock posted this photo on Facebook:

FacebookHe wore it last week at the Memorial as well:

tiger woods new favourite shirt nike

And back in March:

tiger woods orange shirt

Nike is certainly using Tiger to market the shirt, but it’s clear that Tiger likes it. You don’t privately go golfing with Kid Rock in a shirt that you’re being forced to advertise.

That being said, this shirt is on sale on the Nike Store for $90:

tiger woods shirt nike store

Nike Golf also used it in a tweet about Father’s Day gifts:

We’ll see how Tiger does in it next week.

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