Tiger Woods Owned A Pimped Out Golf Cart With Spinner Wheels That Went Twice As Fast As A Normal Golf Cart

Tiger Woods PGA Golf

Photo: AP

“The Big Miss,” the much-anticipated book about Tiger Woods written by his former coach Hank Haney, came out this morning.We’ll have a full rundown of all the big revelations later today.

But for now, here’s the best anecdote we found: When Haney showed up to Tiger’s house on his first day, Tiger was on his front lawn next to his tricked out, custom-built golf cart.

The cart had “spinner wheels with a TW logo, a stereo system, and a top speed of 28 miles per hour,” Haney writes.

That’s twice as fast as a normal golf cart.

Haney wrote earlier that Tiger didn’t really care about extravagance when it came to his house. But when it came to ridiculous golf carts, he was apparently all about the bling.

Keep an eye out for more of these nuggets throughout the day.

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