Golf Channel Just Flashed A Graphic That Tells You Everything You Need To Know About Tiger Woods' Problems

Thanks to a weather delay, the final round of the penultimate PGA playoff event is going down today in the Chicago area.

Tiger Woods came into today’s final round just four shots back of leader Jim Furyk. On his first hole he had a 120 yards to the green for second shot. He went over the green, made a bogey, and that was pretty much that.

Through 12 holes, he’s +1 on the day putting him 6 shots back of the leader, who is still Furyk.

The Golf Channel’s twitter feed that follows Tiger on every hole says, “I think if he could fast forward his life about 90 minutes, he’d do it.”

He looks indifferent, and his back might be bothering him.

It didn’t have to be like this, though. Woods has played the course pretty well this week. He should be in contention instead of walking around like he wants to leave.

But for some reason, Woods is struggling in the final round of tournaments.

During his round, Golf Channel flashed the follow graphic that shows he’s 120th on the tour in final round scoring.

He’s won 5 times this year, so it’s not like this is a killer. Still, it’s weird that he struggles to close out events with a good final round.

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