The golf world hadn't seen anything like the crowd waiting for Tiger Woods at his final hole at the Masters

Tiger Woods’ win at the Masters on Sunday is being described as perhaps the greatest comeback in sports.

Through most of Sunday, Woods jockeyed back and forth with Francesco Molinari and a crowded leaderboard, but a huge birdie on No. 16 put him ahead. By the time he got to the final hole, he was comfortably ahead of the competition, and a win was beginning to set in.

Woods already draws a bigger, rowdier crowd than anybody else in the game, but people who were at Augusta National on Sunday said the crowd was unlike anything they had seen at the Masters.

According to ESPN’s Ian O’Connor, the crowd was so large that “people who had attended dozens of Masters couldn’t recall the crowd being so deep along the fairway and around the green.”

Brooks Koepka, who finished tied for second, told reporters that there was a “monsoon” of people following Woods, saying it was also easy to tell when he sank a shot because of the roar of the crowd.

“I’ve heard [the roar],” Koepka said. “I heard it at the PGA. You hear it here. You know any time he does something good, the fans are going to get excited, and they are going to be loud, and that’s the following that he’s created.

“It’s cool to see, if you take a step back while you’re playing. It’s fun. I mean, you watch him walk down after he won on 18 there, I mean, it’s just a monsoon of people. It’s incredible.”

Photos from around the course show just how big the gathering was. The crowd was already huge on the third tee before Woods was even in the lead.

The 16th hole:

And the crowd as he teed off on the 18th and final hole:

According to O’Connor, other golfers knew something special was happening. Past winners, including Bernhard Langer, Bubba Watson, Zach Johnson, and Adam Scott showered, changed, then had a drink and watched Woods’ final hole on TV before going down to await and congratulate him.

It’s not the first time this has happened. When Woods won the Tour Championship last year, his first win in five years, the crowd was spilling onto the course in a scene unrivalled in sports.

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With the way Woods played over the weekend, it seems possible that crowds will continue to swell to unseen sizes if Woods stays in contention.

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