Tiger Woods Might Get Disqualified From The Masters For An Illegal Drop

tiger woods drive masters 2013

Augusta National officials will meet this morning to decide if Tiger Woods should be disqualified from the Masters, according to multiple reports.

The controversy has to do with a possible illegal drop on the 15th hole.

Tiger was 87 yards from the hole when he hit his third shot in the water. Under the rules, he had to drop his ball “as nearly as possible” to the original spot of his third shot.

But in the post-match interview on ESPN, Tiger seemed to say he knowingly dropped “two yards further back” from where he hit the third shot.

He said, “I went to where I played it from, but I went two yards further back and tried to take two yards off the shot [into the water].”

If he knowingly violated the rule, he would have had to give himself a one-stroke penalty.

But that quote is relatively vague. He could have been saying that he tried to hit the spot on the green two yards back from where he did originally.

If it in deemed that he look an illegal drop, he will be disqualified for signing his scorecard with a score of 71 and not 72.

Tiger is three back of the lead right now. It’d be an enormous decision to DQ him, to say the least.

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