World's No. 2 Golfer: "Tiger Shouldn't Be Getting A Hard Time"

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Photo: Keith Allison via Flickr

Poor, oppressed Tiger Woods. The world’s richest, most famous athlete, who was widely ripped for cheating on his wife with dozens of women, deserves our sympathy.At least, that’s what German golfer Martin Kaymer, one of two golfers ranked ahead of Woods, thinks.  “Tiger shouldn’t be getting a hard time,” he said prior to this week’s Dubai Desert Classic.

In fairness, Kaymer was focused primarily on Woods’ role in the sport’s growth – “we should be very thankful for what he’s done for golf” – and how his performance at the 1997 Masters inspired Kaymer, then age 12, to take up golf. But he also tried to elicit sympathy for Woods’ “private” problems.

There’s something to be said for holding back judgment on other people, and in a perfect world, we might hold everyone to that standard. But in this world, on planet earth, in 2011, it’s hard to say Tiger doesn’t deserve whatever flack comes his way.

This isn’t a LeBron James situation where people rallied against the guy mainly because he’s so wealthy, so talented, and didn’t live up to our own, perhaps unwarranted, expectations of him. Woods purposefully purported a clean image, and trashed the trust he built by doing something that is universally unethical: he cheated on his wife.

So we’ll save our sympathy for someone else – maybe even Kaymer himself. After all, once Woods’ game inevitably returns, the German will become an afterthought and his words won’t inspire posts like this one. 

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