Tiger Woods is so in-tune with his clubs that he complained to a rep they were 'half a degree' off -- and he was right

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

  • Tiger Woods is playing the Wells Fargo Championship with new TaylorMade irons.
  • According to ESPN’s Michael Collins, during a warmup round, Woods complained to a TaylorMade representative that his clubs were “half of a degree off.”
  • Sure enough, when TaylorMade went to check out the complaint, the clubs were half a degree off.

Tiger Woods is back on the golf course, competing in the Wells Fargo Championship, his first tournament since The Masters.

According to ESPN’s Bob Harig, Woods was testing out new TaylorMade irons on Wednesday. He has been using Nike clubs over the past year as he worked out the details of his switch to TaylorMade, according to Harig.

However, according to ESPN’s Michael Collins, during a practice round on Wednesday, Woods noticed his clubs were “half of a degree off.” While most probably wouldn’t notice the difference, Woods not only picked up on it, he was right, according to Collins.

“Yesterday, during the pro-am, as he was playing, he told one of the reps for TaylorMade, ‘Hey man, these are about a half-of-a-degree off,'” Collins reported on ESPN.

“Now, we all laugh: ‘Yeah, ok, half a degree. Like you can feel that.’ The rep took them to the truck, and what were they? Half a degree off. Dude’s amazing.”

When Woods made the switch to TaylorMade, it was announced that he had worked with engineers to design and develop a “new, personalised iron model.”

Apparently those clubs are so personalised that he can notice even the slightest difference.

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