Here's Tiger Woods hitting some perfectly fine chips at the Masters

Tiger Woods is back at Augusta National preparing for this week’s Masters, and early signs around the practice pitching greens look positive.

Woods has not played competitive golf in two months after withdrawing from the Farmers Insurance Open at Torrey Pines in early February. Woods’ biggest problem appears to be his short-game ,with his ex-coach saying his has the yips.

One analyst said Woods’ chipping was so bad that there is no way he could have already fixed it.

The Golf Channel showed Tiger practicing on Monday as he took turns aiming at different holes on two different greens. While we did not see the results of every shot, Woods did not appear to have any shanks or serious mishits.

The shots they did follow to the hole all seemed to land at least in the proximity of the intended target.

Leaving the area around the pins littered with golf balls.

According to the Golf Channel’s “Tiger Tracker,” Woods hit 69 chip shots, sinking two and hitting “a couple heavy.”

But most importantly, Tiger, who often wears his anger on his sleeve, seemed relaxed and never appeared to be upset by any of the chips.

He was even listening to music while he practiced. He was so relaxed he even started to dance at one point.

And interrupted his own practice to give Mark O’Meara a gigantic hug.

We won’t know if Woods is “fixed” until he attempts his first chip on Thursday. But the early signs are all pointing to Tiger at least playing better than the last time we saw him on a course.

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