Tiger Woods Shaved His Goatee In A Last-Ditch Effort To Win A Major In 2013

Tiger Woods has shaved his goatee for this week’s PGA Championship.

Statistically, it’s a wise decision.

We did the research. Tiger 0-for-6 in majors with an average finishing position of 24.3 with a goatee since his sex scandal. He is is 0-for-7 (14-for-63 career) with an average finishing position of 15.8 without a goatee in that same period.

Yeah, he hasn’t won with the shaved chin either. But he’s about 10 places higher on the leaderboard.

He came into the year knowing he has never won a major with a goatee, but he tried to tempt fate anyway.

At the Masters, a goateed Tiger joked, “Never won a major with a goatee on. No, because it takes a long thing for this thing to grow, ok?”

But after his bad-luck loss at Augusta and his horrid week at the U.S. Open, he quietly changed his mind. He grew out the goat for the regular tournaments, but shaved it off come the majors.

Here’s the breakdown this year:

He won last week with the goat. So it’s possible:

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