Lindsey Vonn Loses To Tiger Woods In Every Sport Except The Hand-Slapping Game

Lindsey Vonn says her notoriously competitive boyfriend Tiger Woods tends to get the better of her in every game they play, except one.

She told USA Today today:

“We’re really competitive with everything, ping pong, tennis and whatever. I usually lose, which is really depressing.”

Tiger once played the US Open on a broken leg and told ESPN that winning is the only thing that drives him to play golf, so obviously he’s going to try to beat his girlfriend in ping pong.

And while he basically came out of the womb playing golf, he likes free diving and weightlifting and seems to be a pretty well-rounded athlete.

Vonn said there is one thing she’s better at: the hand-slapping game.

“I’ve got better reflexes and better balance,” she told USA Today.

That seems to make sense. The skillset of a world class skier — the ability to detect changes in your surroundings and instantly react — is probably more conducive to hand-slapping prowess than a world-class golfer’s.

She does have great balance:

Here’s what the hand-slapping game looks like:

These two:

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