Other PGA Tour golfers believe 'something isn't right with Tiger Woods'

Tiger Woods announced on Friday that he would be skipping his next two scheduled events on the PGA Tour due to the same back spasms that forced him to withdraw after one round at the Dubai Desert Classic.

Many fans wondered if Tiger’s problems were more serious than just back spasms at the time of his withdrawal. Apparently those concerns extend to “most guys” on the PGA Tour.

Michael Collins, who served as a caddie on the PGA Tour and who is now an ESPN analyst, was asked about the severity of Tiger’s injury and he said most of the players on the Tour saw this coming because they knew something was wrong with him even before he said he had back spasms.

“Steve Stricker said when he saw [Tiger], he didn’t look right, something wasn’t right about Tiger Woods,” Collins said on ESPN. “Pat [Perez] had seen Tiger at Torrey [Pines] and said ‘He’s not right. Something is wrong with Tiger Woods. I don’t know why he was flying over to Dubai.'”

Collins went on to explain that those feelings extend to most of the players on the Tour who had seen Woods play before heading overseas to Dubai.

“All the guys that are watching him play on Tour, know that something isn’t right with Tiger Woods,” Collins said. “The fact now that he [withdrew in Dubai] and has decided not to play in Genesis [Open] or play at The Honda [Classic] is something that most guys in golf were looking at and going ‘Yeah, we saw this coming.'”

While Collins did not say exactly what the injury might be, the obvious and immediate concern is that Woods is once again having problems with his back, the same nerve issues that caused him to miss more than a year on the PGA Tour.

After the withdrawal in Dubai, Woods’ agent said Woods did not feel like the back spasms were related to his previous injuries.

“The fact that he feels that it is not the nerve pain, that’s very encouraging for him,” Mark Steinberg said.

It seems that most players on the Tour are not buying that.

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