Tiger Woods Was On Pace To Be Ruth, Now He Might Just Be Griffey

Tiger Woods injury jump

Photo: AP

By missing this weekend’s US Open, Tiger Woods’ winless streak in the majors has now reached 12. And this has once again raised the question of whether Tiger will ever dominate the golf world again.Last week we saw that Tiger still has a realistic shot to catch Jack Nicklaus’ record for most major championships. But what if his legs don’t come back 100 per cent? And what if injuries and missed time become the norm for Tiger for the rest of his career?

Is it that crazy? After all we have seen this before. His name was Ken Griffey Jr. Think about the comparisons…

  • Both players burst onto the scene with big smiles, and a greatness that was questioned by nobody.
  • Both exhibited excellent all-around skills, but were most famous for their power swings.
  • For both, breaking their sport’s holiest record (All-time home runs for Griffey, all-time major championships for Woods) was consider more of an assumption than a question.
  • Both players saw their careers interrupted by serious leg injuries in their early 30s and at the peaks of their careers.

So what can we expect from Tiger moving forward, if his career continues to parallel Griffey’s?

After three straight seasons in which he missed at least 75 games, Griffey came back from his injuries and posted numbers many players would have been envious of, including 2005, when he hit .301 with 35 home runs. But he never recaptured the magic and greatness of his pre-injury years.

And while some thought Griffey was destined to be the greatest to ever play the game, he ended up as *just* a great player, with a Hall-of-Fame career and whole lot of “What ifs?”

So maybe Tiger comes back in a couple of years and his game is one that can compete, but no longer dominate. Maybe he even wins one or two more majors. That might just be the scenario that leaves everybody disappointed.

Most fans either want Tiger to never win another major or they want him back winning every major. If Griffey is any indication, he will probably end up somewhere in the middle.

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