A highly venomous tiger snake slithering through Melbourne's CBD caused minor chaos

Carrie Greenbank/ Twitter

  • A tiger snake was found in Melbourne’s CBD.
  • Tiger snakes are highly venomous and typically aggressive.
  • Police partially closed a street in the chaos.
  • Barry the snake catcher saved the day.

  • A tiger snake was found slithering down a main street of Melbourne’s CBD on Thursday afternoon.

    The snake, which is highly venomous, was found around lunchtime outside Southern Cross Station near the corner of Collins and Spencer streets.

    Its unlikely appearance threw the city and commuters into a frenzy and forced police to cordon off the area.

    Luckily Barry the snake catcher saved the day, and the incident was all over in around an hour.

    Tiger snakes normally inhabit watery environments and have a typically aggressive nature.

    While it’s not known how it made its way to the city, it’s not the first time a tiger snake has been found in a strange place.

    Last year an Australian woman found one wrapped around her Christmas tree, and in a separate incident a man accidentally caught one in a mouse trap.

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