Tiger Woods Is Cheap

tiger woods pga championship round 1

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He might be tumbling down the rankings in the areas that actually matter, but Tiger Woods is still number one on a slightly less desirable list.Last week, the 14-time Major champion topped the polls in the Miami New Times’ list of the stingiest celebrity tippers, beating Madonna ($18 tip on a $400 bill) and Barbara Streisand ($10 tip on a $457 bill) into second and third place.

According to the paper, Tiger — who has an estimated net worth of over $500m (€350m) — doesn’t tip “because he never carries cash.”

They’ve also dredged up sources which suggest that a female companion had to leave tips on the 35-year-old’s behalf on a number of occasions, and that Tiger once took a $5 tip back from a casino waitress when he realised that he had tipped her already that evening.

Those anecdotes do seem a little bit too far-fetched to be true, but I’m guessing that this is one list that Tiger wouldn’t mind dropping to at least number 36 on…

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