Billionaire Chase Coleman's Tiger Global made a nearly $500 million bet on Fiat

Billionaire Chase Coleman’s Tiger Global made a big bet on Fiat Chrysler last quarter.

The $US20 billion investment firm took a new position in Fiat valued at $US481 million in the final three months of the year, according to Bloomberg’s analysis of a regulatory filing on February 14. It was the fund’s biggest new position in the quarter.

The quarterly filing, called a 13F, lists the long stock positions of investment firms. The positions are current as of 45 days prior, so it is possible that Tiger Global has since changed its positions.

According to the 13F, Tiger made the following moves during the fourth quarter:

  • It increased its stake in Priceline by 36%, holding a $US1.84 billion stake at the end of the quarter
  • It increased its stake in by 37%, holding a stake worth $US1.16 billion
  • It took a new position in Fiat valued at $US481 million
  • It took a new position in Alphabet valued at $US147.5 million
  • It took a new position in Microsoft valued at $US131.6 million

Tiger Global Management invests in private and public markets and manages about $US20 billion firmwide. The firm managed $5.9 billion in hedge fund assets as of mid-year 2016, according to the Hedge Fund Intelligence Billion Dollar Club ranking.

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