TIDY: Qantas Had A Good Time On The Market Today

Qantas had a good day today, up more than 4% to $1.33 at 3:08 PM.

Photo: Getty/Robert Cianflone

Rival Virgin Australia was up 1.1% or 45 cents at the same time. The market was up 1.72%.

Media reports today said Qantas had hired consultants to review its senior executives, and yesterday Virgin finalised a deal with Tigerair which saw it take a 60% stake in the budget carrier, but those things don’t appear to be having a material impact on Qantas’ price.

“It’s [Qantas] up but you have to keep it in the context of where its come from,” Deutsche Bank analyst Cameron McDonald told Business Insider this afternoon.

In mid-April this year Qantas was worth $1.90.

He said reports of consultants and the Tigerair deal were probably not the reason the price was up.

“Airlines can be reasonably volatile.”

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