Tidal screwed up the release of Kanye's new album and people are furious

After months of anticipation, Kanye West finally dropped his latest album – “The Life of Pablo” – following a performance on Saturday Night Live.

West announced the album is not available anywhere except Tidal for the next week, which sent his fans clamoring to listen to it over the music streaming service.

West originally had the album available for sale as a download, via Tidal, as well as for streaming. But he quickly changed his mind, removing the ability for users to download it  — but not before some had paid cash for a download of “The Life of Pablo” that never materialised.

Furious customers took to Twitter to voice their frustration with Tidal.


Further inciting the anger are claims that Tidal has not been responsive to customers who have been charged money but have not received the download. Fans have been reporting that Tidal has not been answering some customers support tickets.

Business Insider reached out to Tidal and will update this post when we hear back.

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