Millions of people are paying for Jay-Z's music streaming app

Jay-Z’s music streaming app Tidal now has 3 million paid subscribers, just 12 months after its official launch, according to the company.

That means Tidal has tripled its paid subscriber base over the past 6 months, as it passed the 1 million subscriber threshold in September 2015.

While impressive, Tidal’s numbers still lag behind some of its biggest competitors. As this chart by Statista shows, Tidal’s subscriber numbers are only a fraction of what Spotify or Apple Music has. In fact, Spotify got to 3 million paid subscribers just 6 months after its US launch.

But the growth also shows Tidal’s strategy to focus on exclusive content may be working. In the past few months, Tidal secured two high-profile exclusive releases from Kanye West and Rihanna, which sent the app to the top of the app download chart.

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