This Morning's Commute In Sydney Is Going To Be Chaos With Roads Still Closed From Barangaroo Fire

Brace yourself Sydney.

The Western Distributor, a key artery across the Sydney Harbour Bridge, is expected to stay closed throughout Thursday morning’s peak hour in the wake of the Barangaroo fire.

Given Wednesday night’s traffic chaos, which brought the city to a standstill for several hours, it’s only going to get worse as everyone heads to work.

This evening the RMS’ Live Traffic site put out the following message at 10.24pm Wednesday.

The Western Distributor is expected to remain closed through Thursday morning’s peak.
Motorists should STAY AWAY from the Sydney CBD and its approaches.
Anyone who needs to travel into the city on Thursday morning is advised to catch the train or ferry.
Motorists needing to cross the harbour should avoid the Harbour Bridge or Harbour Tunnel and use the Gladesville or Ryde Bridges instead and allow plenty of extra travel time.
* Citybound traffic is being diverted off the Harbour Bridge onto York Street
* Northbound traffic on the Western Distributor is being diverted into King Street.

Good luck.

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