‘Throwing Shade’ stars say their new TV show won’t just target Republicans

Throwing shade tv land
‘Throwing Shade’ stars Bryan Safi and Erin Gibson. TV Land

“Throwing Shade” stars Erin Gibson and Bryan Safi say they aren’t giving up the edge fans of their podcast have become accustomed to just because they’re moving to television.

“Stuff will get bleeps and maybe blurred, but they have let us go pretty much, nearly in every situation I think, as hard as we want to, which shocked us,” Safi, a.k.a. “Homosensual,” told Business Insider of the light censoring for their new show on TV Land.

Gibson, a.k.a. “Feminasty,” interjected, “We got butt-plugged OK without being blurred. It’s all about context.”

Alums of the renowned Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Los Angeles, the duo have been hosting the “Throwing Shade” podcast for nearly five years. It has also aired as a video series on Funny or Die, which is now a producer on the TV show. Taped in different cities in front of live audiences, the show debuts Tuesday at 10:30 p.m. on TV Land.

“This year I think we did 21 cities,” Safi said, “and so we knew we were good at live shows and at sketch, and so we knew that those were the two things we wanted to bring to the show.”

“What’s great is like we do live-to-tape, so we can do something with an audience in front of us,” Gibson added. “If a joke doesn’t work, we know that instantly, we can have that instant feedback, make the show better.”

While the show focuses primarily against attacks on women’s and gay rights, the hosts say that conservatives won’t be the sole targets of their biting criticism.

“It’s not always us versus them, them versus us, but there can be kind of middle ground,” Gibson said. “We’re going to be talking about women who do awful things and gay people who do awful things. So it’s really just an attack show.”

That doesn’t mean it’s always easy to be find the “middle ground.” For example, the show is working on a segment called “The Right Is Right,” which will shed light on conservatives who are doing something the hosts believe “is making sense.” But it’s proving to be a challenge.

“Yeah. By the way, we haven’t found one example of that yet,” Safi said.

Get a taste of what to expect on the TV show. Watch the latest “Throwing Shade” podcast on Funny or Die below:

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