Check Out Thrillist HQ, Where A Bunch Of Dudes Are Telling Other Dudes What's Cool (PHOTO TOUR)

Ben Lerer Thrillist office tour slide

New York-based Thrillist is the rare startup where employees can work on the cutting edge of their industry — in this case, digital media and e-commerce — and enjoy free Jagermeister on tap.

Ben Lerer and Adam Rich founded Thrillist in 2005 and now the email-newsletter-for-dudes is up to almost 100 employees.

It has invested in two new growth areas, acquiring “Gilt Groupe for dudes” site JackThreads last year, and recently launching Thrillist Rewards, a sort-of-Groupon-type service, also for dudes.

And it now serves almost 3 million subscribers in 20 year-round editions — including Minneapolis, launching in May. Combining content and commerce, the company could generate more than $40 million in revenue this year.

But what stands out about Thrillist’s office is the vibe that people might actually be having fun while they’re at work. Even early (~10 a.m.) on a Thursday morning, when we visited.

The magic happens behind this red door

The Thrillist vibe starts at the door: A blackjack table and a... female pillow

Senior Editor Ben Robinson wonders why we're taking his picture so early in the morning

Here's the sort of wall artwork you can expect

Cool keyboard!

Johnnie Blue label, BK bling, and a pigeon. Sounds about right.

Eric Kramer, Thrillist's Office Manager and consigliere

Director of Advertising Jody Rones poses with the Thrillist toilet. (From a company called Wow Toilets.)

Right in the middle of everything...

Here's the Thrillist kitchen, where there's coffee, water, and...

Free booze! Lots of it.

Including a Jagermeister tap and cool guitar cutting board.

Office Manager Eric, with Thrillist's new Minneapolis Editor Drew Wood. Minneapolis will be Thrillist's 20th edition and will launch on May 12.

Moose alert.

What are YOU looking at?

Now let's hop across the hall and see the other office, where Thrillist, JackThreads, and Thrillist Rewards employees work.

Cool pillows

Lionel Richie sends his love

Senior Buyers for JackThreads Jeremiah Myers and Alison Mangaroo, with Ivete Tecedor, Test Coordinator for the Tech team

Russian dolls! The senior editorial staff, from left to right: Adam Rich, Editor-in-Chief and Co-Founder, David Blend, Executive Editor, Ben Robinson, Senior Editor, Hayden Lynch, Senior Editor and Joe Epstein, Senior Editor

An Etch-A-Sketch of Adam Rich and Hayden Lynch holding an Etch-A-Sketch of themselves, holding an Etch-A-Sketch.

Secret flask!

Spy shot! That is Thrillist co-founder and CEO Ben Lerer, on a top-secret phone call across the room.

Thrillist Rewards intern Arshan Sadri

The secret stash in the Thrillist closet... shot glasses, bachelor party props, anything you need

Even some fancy clothes from JackThreads. Or is this where Ben Lerer keeps his outfits?

Cool hat!


Senior Web Application Developer Michael Smith, who is Thrillist's most recent Employee of the Month. Congratulations Michael!

Jenna Craig, East Coast sales executive, previously with Condé Nast

Justin Adler, merchandising copywriter

Alexis Berger is promotions manager for the Thrillist Events Team. That's a fancy way of saying that she throws cool parties, galas, fĂȘtes, and expeditions.

Thrillist ornaments

Nice view of SoHo

Hey, it's Ben Lerer: Thrillist's co-founder and CEO, startup investor, and overall nice guy

Lerer checks out a box of wine samples at his desk, pointing out that they're actually really good wines

Thrillist wall of fame

Interesting collection of desk stuff, Ben...

Lerer with office manager Eric Kramer, and something involving an iPad

Adam Rich, Thrillist co-founder and editor in chief, sporting a spring beard

Mark O'Neill, CTO of Thrillist

The safe room... or something

Say cheese! OK, now we're outta here...

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