3 Ways That The U.S. Can Help Pakistan

pakistan independence day

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

On Wednesday evening, President Obama rightly said we “need to work with the Pakistani government to root out the cancer of violent extremism, and we will insist that it keeps its commitments.”Here is how to do it in three steps.

First, create accountability. Pakistan is home to more terrorists than any other country, many of them harbored by the Pakistani army and its ISI intelligence service. Osama bin Laden lived less than a mile from the country’s top military academy, its West Point, for five years. His heir Ayman Zawahiri is probably somewhere nearby. Khalid Sheikh Muhammad, 9/11’s tactical maestro, was in the country’s military capital, Rawalpindi, when he was captured. Mullah Omar, Amir of Believers to al Qaeda and head of the Afghan Taliban, commutes between Quetta and Karachi. Hafez Saed, head of Lashkar e Tayyiba and mastermind of the Mumbai massacre, lives and preaches openly in Lahore. Fazul Rahman Khalil, head of Harakat al Mujahedin, which hijacked an Indian airliner in 1999, lives in an Islamabad suburb. Dawood Ibrahim who killed hundreds with bombs on Mumbai’s metro in 1993 lives in Karachi. There are no secrets here—the south Asian press reports their hideouts on a regular basis.

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