Three True Life Stories That Prove Customer Service Isn’t Dead

Customer service opportunities are everywhere, if you just pay attention. Observation is the key. Look and listen and you will pick up on opportunities to create customer amazement. Here are three great examples that happened within a span of just 24 hours. 

I was in the InMotion store at the Chicago O’Hare airport.These are really cool stores that sell all kinds of cool gadgets and electronic equipment at airports across the US. The salesperson asked how I liked my iPhone. (They have all kinds of accessories for iPhones.) I asked how he even knew I had an iPhone. He said he saw me talking on it just before I walked in. Good observation – and a good sales and customer service opportunity.

The concierge at the W Hotel in New York City heard me mention that it was my daughter’s birthday. She surprised her with a bunch of helium balloons.The cool thing is that the balloons were leftover from an event at the hotel. It was a chance to “recycle” the balloons for another use. It didn’t matter that they had been used earlier in the day as decoration for another party. It was the thought behind it that was important.

That same evening I took my daughter to dinner at Carmine’s The server overheard us talking about her
getting her drivers licence. He knew it was a birthday and surprised us with a candle in our dessert, accompanied by a half dozen singing waiters, all because the server was simply paying attention to his guests.

Look for these customer service opportunities to create “amazement.” They are everywhere. All you have to do is keep your eyes and ears open.