Do Clothes Still Make The Man?

There is an old saying that states “clothes make the man,” but in today’s tech-savvy, social media driven society, does that saying still hold the same weight?

In an era where Marc Zuckerberg wears hooded T-shirts non-stop, I’d venture to say what matters the most is the results you can provide for your customers, clients and employers at the end of the day, not your attire. While it’s unprofessional to dress sloppy, one doesn’t have to be uber formal either.

A recent article in The Wall Street Journal asked if dressing up is the new way to stand out. I think the world has forever changed and wont change back. 

As the workplace becomes younger and younger, both mentality and in attitude, so does the attire, which similarly can’t follow a certain uniform. When media, like us, train clients at our PR agency, we tell them to dress as they want people to think of them, but at the end of the day results are results. Whether in a three-piece suit and leather loafers or your favourite pair of jeans and Nike sneakers, that’s what people will judge you on.