Three Myths About LinkedIn You Shouldn't Fall For


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Myth #1: You should “LinkIn” with everyone you meetTIP: Your job hunt should be evaluated critically, and your network should be navigated carefully. You want to connect with others on a professional level, and surely others want to connect with you. However, when you examine your goal of adding people to your online connections, remember it’s not about how many friends you have. Rather, it’s more about the quality of your connections, and how they can help you navigate your career trajectory.

Myth #2: A standard, “I’d like to add you to my professional network,” is an acceptable request.

TIP: I love this myth, because it’s an issue that confronts me weekly. Online etiquette struggles to keep pace with the rapid growth of social media platforms, and it’s often easiest to just use default outreach options and hit ‘send.’ However, this is definitely one way to have your outreach ignored.

I attended an alumni networking event a few weeks ago, where the Chief Information Technology Officer was lamenting on all the invites he received on LinkedIn. He said, “Distinguish yourself, and give me a reason to be interested. At a CIO level, we see [LinkedIn invitations] as more intrusive, than helpful.”

Myth #3: Linkedin is not a critical job hunting tool. 

TIP: There are statistics touting that up to 80% of recruiters are now recruiting online, more than in any other sphere. Get on the bandwagon. Your online professional profile is the first thing potential employers are going to look for as they continue to evaluate your employment. Why not be proactive about what they find? 

This post originally appeared at Pitch.

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