Three More Awesome Things I Discovered About My Kindle 3G

I got back today from a week-long cruise, during which my Amazon Kindle 3G (I recently converted to the Kindle, read the full explanation here) was thoroughly tested “in the field.”

I powered through a free Jack London novel, and then dove into Arabian Nights (reminds me of childhood) and a couple of finance tomes. Along the way, I discovered several awesome new things about my cherished precious:

1. The battery life really is that good. I still have more than half the battery life remaining after the week-long cruise, and a six-hour flight before that.

2. There’s no additional fee to download books via Amazon Whispernet 3G even if you’re in another country and on roaming. Nor is there a fee to use the experimental Web browser on another country’s 3G. This saves a lot of money; check your email and stocks for free. (There is, however, an additional fee for downloading any newspaper subscriptions you might have while abroad. It’s only $4.99, though.)

3. Still cool enough to be a conversation starter, despite the fact that several others “poolside” had one. A beautiful French girl around my age asked about it, and she seemed genuinely interested as I explained the benefits and drawbacks of getting one — although I lost her attention when I began to ramble/complain about how a proper pina colada should be made. Having an Amazon Kindle 3G in 2011 is sort of like busting out an iPhone during the first few weeks of the launch back in ’07. And it sends the undeniable message that you are literate, to a degree, anyway.

What do you think? Is the Kindle the device of the year, or a fad? Get the exact model I bought here — and sound off in the comments section, as long as you completely agree with me. (Kidding, I welcome anonymous character attacks as well.)

— provided by Outlaw