3 Months After Choking To Death On A Grocery Store Sample, Publicist Michael Sands Is Finally Set To Be Buried

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Flamboyant Hollywood publicist Michael Sands will finally be laid to rest, over three months after his death, The Wrap is reporting exclusively.Sands, 66, died on April 6 after choking on a free sample of steak at an LA-area Gelson’s grocery store. 

The burial delay was due to a legal battle between Sands’ 17-year-old son Nick, who wanted a traditional Jewish burial for his father, and his sister Barbara Promisel, who wanted him to be cremated and his ashes placed in a Boston Bruins urn

In addition to representing clients including Mr. Blackwell, Sands also claimed to be an undercover CIA operative.

“Nothing about Michael Sands’ life was ordinary,” said AP court reporter Linda Deutsch in an interview with The Wrap. “More than anything, Michael relished the chance to be part of a big, bizarre story. How ironic it is that in the end he missed the biggest story he could be a part of — his own shocking death and the strange family fight over his body. He would be proud that Nick stepped up to make sure his father was given the proper Jewish burial he deserved.”

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