Three men have been arrested over the deaths of two Australian surfers in Mexico

Adam Coleman (left) and Dean Lucas were en route to Guadalajara.

Three men have been arrested following the suspected murders of Australians surfers, Dean Lucas and Adam Coleman, both 33, in Sinaloa, Mexico.

The pair are believed to have been killed following a robbery. The three suspects have so far been detained on drug-dealing and weapons charges, according to Sinaloa state prosecutor Marco Antonio Higuera.

The Western Australians from Golden Bay, Perth, went missing two weeks ago, sparking fears they encountered drug cartels while driving through Sinaloa in rural Mexico en route to Guadalajara.

The men were believed to be travelling on Benito Juarez Highway on November 20 which is under the control of cartels headed by fugitive drug lord Joaquin El Chapo Guzman and notorious for robberies especially on tourists.

Two bodies, badly charred and with gunshot wounds, were found the next day in a burnt-out van which had been doused in gasoline and set on fire.

Mexican authorities are still testing DNA to identify the bodies.

The Sinaloa Cartel is the largest drug-trafficking organisation in the world and organised crime syndicates operative in at least 17 Mexican states and operations across nearly 50 countries.

Two other suspects are still at large.

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