3 Maths Questions You'd Have To Answer To Work At Australian Trading Firms

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High-speed, quantitative traders cop a bit of flak from more traditional players like Australia’s Industry Super Network but there’s no doubt that the industry is thriving, and jobs are in high demand.

We spoke with BlackOcean Recruitment, which specialises in recruiting quants for about 85% of trading firms in Australia. Director Oliver Spiers says HFT firms tend to seek faster but less thorough responses, while banks and consultancies look out for method and accuracy.

BlackOcean Recruitment has provided the following 3 questions (2.5 if you’re a bank) for you to mull over this long weekend:

Question 1a

It’s now 6.45pm. What is the angle between the hour and the minute hands?

Question 1b

What is the next time that they will meet?

Question 2

If you can’t solve question 2, don’t fret. Spiers says only 2 of 300 applicants have got it right so far.

The answers are here.

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