Three undeveloped private islands off the coast of Panama can be yours for $100 million -- if you're willing to turn them into an 'eco-conscious' resort

Panama Private Islands $100 millionIvan Wigin, Claus Mittermayer and Herbert HolzerOnly 30 per cent of the island is eligible for development, as part of the deal.

Three pristine private islands are up for sale — with some strings attached.

The Cayonetas Islands in Panama are an unspoiled paradise just waiting for the right billionaire’s offer.

Asking $100 million, the islands offer the buyer “instant status as a global player on the world stage,” according to the listing.

The trio of islands — named Bayoneta, Cañas, and La Caida — lie in the Las Perlas archipelago, about 30 minutes by helicopter to Panama City, according to the Los Angeles Times.

But if your goal is to buy the islands for your own personal retreat, you might want to look elsewhere.

As part of the deal, the seller is requesting that only 30% of the island undergo what they’re calling an “eco-conscious development.” The rest would be required to be kept as a nature preserve.

The islands have more than 50 beaches, an estimated 19 miles of coastline, and a total of 1,800 acres of land. They’re packed with endangered turtles and many unique species of birds.

The islands are being sold by German businessman Claus Mittermayer and former University of California at Irvine ecology professor Hana Ayala, who convinced Mittermayer to turn the islands into an eco-friendly vacation destination, according to Forbes.

Their idea is that the buyer will work with Ayala’s company (Pangea World, which is committed to sustainable development) to make the islands a destination for the eco-conscious wealthy of the world. The revenue would then be used to fund scientific study on the island.

“We aren’t selling a property,” Ayala told Forbes. “We’re selling a legacy.”

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