Here's Why Facebook Is Going After The World's 5 Billion People Without Internet

Some 1.9 billion people, which translates to roughly 75% of the world’s Internet population, are active on whatever social network is most popular in their country, according to a study by We Are Social, a London-based social media agency.

In 127 out of 137 countries the most popular social network is Facebook, according to a separate study conducted in December 2013 by analyst Vincenzo Cosenza.

Download the charts and data in Excel.

Taking these data points together, it’s clear that social media is a fairly saturated market, at least when it comes to people that are already online. Facebook has an added growth problem in that it is already number one in so many markets, so its opportunities to grow by pulling away users from other platforms is limited.

That’s why Facebook is going after the billions of people who are still offline. Rather than requiring those people to own a smartphone or have access to a PC, Facebook made a feature phone app, called Facebook For Every Phone.

Facebook announced in July 2013 that this app had added 100 million users since its launch two years before.

The global population is now at about 7.1 billion people, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Only 35% (or 2.5 billion) of those people use the Internet, according to Internet World Stats.

While many social networks are vying to take a share of the social media market from their competitors, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg is eyeing the 4.6 billion people who do not use the Internet.

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