Three Australian Newspapers Had Front-Page Disasters Today, Mislabelling An Innocent Man As The 'Teen Terrorist' In The Melbourne Police Shooting

Three Fairfax newspapers, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Canberra Times, and The Age, published a front page photo today of a man they labelled as Numan Haider, the 18-year-old shot dead by counter terrorism police in suburban Melbourne on Tuesday evening.

Except it’s not a photo of Haider. Melbourne’s Herald Sun reports that the innocent man is now afraid to go out in public after being mislabelled a terrorist.

The company issued an online apology just after 1.30pm saying

The young man in a suit was not Mr Haider, and we unreservedly apologise to him for the error.

The young man has no connection whatsoever with any extremist or terrorist group and we deeply regret any such inference arising from the publication of the photograph. The picture has been withdrawn from circulation.

It’s believed the image was sourced from Facebook.

Lightning then struck twice for Fairfax with its Facebook post of the apology mistakenly grabbing a photo of celebrity gardener Jamie Drurie and forcing to apologise for its apology.

While Fairfax Media is trying to make amends, the mistake is still likely to prove costly, with one defamation expert telling Business Insider that the young man is likely to receive tens of thousands of dollars in compensation.

* Fairfax Media owns Allure Media, publisher of Business Insider Australia.

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