3 People Have Been Arrested In Connection With The Murder Of A UMich Medical Student

Three people have been
arrested in connection with murder of University of Michigan medical student Paul DeWolfthis summer, The Michigan Daily reports.

DeWolf was discovered dead in his apartment in July when he failed to show up for work. UMich police said that the med student and active duty Air Force Second Lieutenant died from a single gunshot wound, although no gun was found at the scene and his apartment was orderly, with no valuables missing.

According to The Daily, police announced yesterday that the three suspects “do not have any apparent affiliation with DeWolf, the University or the Air Force.” The police are continuing their investigation into DeWolf’s death.

“The loss of Paul DeWolf was a terrible shock and tragedy for our entire Medical School community, and we are heartened by this development and thankful for the diligent work of the U-M police and the Ann Arbor Police Department,” UMich administrators said in a statement.

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