There was utter chaos on a Kentucky interstate, and drivers were stranded overnight

A blizzard that’s wreaking havoc on the Midwest and East Coast stranded hundreds of drivers on a 30-mile stretch Interstate 75 in Kentucky for hours overnight, the Associated Press reports.

No injuries or deaths were reported and the highway reopened by 9 a.m., according to the AP. About 17 inches of snow fell on the area between Friday and Saturday.

The backup on the interstate started with vehicle accidents caused by snow.

Kentucky State Police Capt. David Jude told CNN that there was “truck after truck after truck and cars sliding off the roadway.”

“We’re going car to car now to get people off the road,” Jude said.

Police and the National Guard went out onto the snow-covered highway to check on those stranded in their cars, and the Red Cross set up shelters. Emergency crews passed out food and water.

A band that tours nationally to play weddings and other events live-tweeted their experience being stuck in the storm and posted videos on Facebook and YouTube.

They went out in the storm to play music for trapped motorists:

Well..after almost now 3 hours, dead stopped on I-75 south at Mount Vernon, KY, Jay decided it was time to lighten the mood:) #strandedsaxUPDATE-8:11pm. Just passed hour 4 with no movement. Hoping the poor souls in the multiple wrecks ahead are OK. Staying positive. #jonasfest2016UPDATE-11:05pm, Just passed hour SEVEN! No sign whatsoever of movement. It's starting to get slap happy in here now:)UPDATE-12:58am, if you're keeping score, we are hour TEN!! It's looking like we may be here for the night. They are trying to route people off the interstate, but we just can't move. Posted by Endless Summer Band on Friday, January 22, 2016
They continued inside their van: [video provider="youtube" id="1A5SWpqHL98" size="xlarge" align="center"] They were stuck all night:
Hour 10!!! We may be spending the night on the interstate now. Hope the fuel holds out. @WTHRcom #jonas2016 -- Endless Summer Band (@EndlessSummerB) January 23, 2016
Eventually they got moving again: Others tweeted photos of the snow: One local news reporter had to report from inside her news van:

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