Thousands of tech contractors are anxiously waiting to be paid after Plutus Payroll shut down

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A payroll management company reportedly used by thousands of Australian technology contractors has stopped operating, leaving many unpaid and anxious about whether their pay cheque will ever come.

The website for Plutus Payroll Australia last night had all content removed with a single message remaining that the company is suspending its business “due to a commercial dispute”.

“For our valued contractors whose pay has been affected on 27 or 28 April, 1 or 2 May, please contact us,” the company stated, referring to a contact form and a telephone number.

As of Tuesday afternoon, the telephone number had been removed, with Plutus stating that it was “unable to provide our usual levels of response to inquiries from our valued contractors and recruiters”.

Whirlpool forums show many technology workers complaining about missing pay managed by Plutus, as well as a lack of response to enquiries from the company in recent days.

“I switched contracts and ended up with this mob as suggested by the agents. Not looking good at the moment – a month of pay including super is what I am worried about,” said one poster.

The ASIC record for Plutus Payroll Australia Pty Ltd remains with a normal “registered” status, with no evidence of the company having entered voluntary administration. CRN cites “upwards of 2,000” contractors using Plutus for outsourced payroll services.

Business Insider has contacted Plutus Payroll for comment.

There is speculation on the forums about internal politics, a dispute with a major bank and staff layoffs at Plutus. Business Insider has contacted the bank mentioned.

Both The Register and CRN have reported affected contractors receiving payslips but no actual pay in their bank accounts. Last night contractors reportedly received an email from Plutus apologising for the suspension in operations, with a recommendation to “make alternative arrangements for their pay”.

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