Thousands Of SUNY Cortland Students Rioted During The Annual 'Cortaca Jug' This Weekend

SUNY Cortland students broke out into a riot after the annual “Cortaca” football game between Cortland and longtime rival Ithaca College this weekend.

Thousands of Cortland students took to the streets during the day Saturday, apparently while the game was still being played in Ithaca. Cortland ended up winning, 28-24.

BroBible called it the “Most Ratchet College Riot Ever,” writing that it was even worse than the student riot at the University of Delaware earlier this year. According to some students’ accounts, the weekend’s madness included arrests, car flippings, and at least one person walking around with an ax.

“As the president of SUNY Cortland, I would like to personally apologise to the Cortland community for the inexcusable behaviour of some of our students related to Saturday’s football game with Ithaca College,” the university’s president said in a statement.

About 30 people were arrested Saturday, The Syracuse Post-Standard reports. It is unclear how many of those were SUNY Cortland students.

Students seemed split as to whether the weekend was awesome or terrible:

Here are some pictures from the day:

Check out BroBible and @SUNYPartyStory for more pictures from Cortaca [some NSFW]

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