'Shadowhunters' fans are begging Netflix to save the TV show, and have even rented billboards and aeroplanes

  • Fans of Freeform’s canceled series, “Shadowhunters,” have created a huge campaign to bring the show back, including two billboards in Times Square.
  • A producer on the show says that the fans efforts haven’t gone unnoticed, and that he’s having discussions about how to move forward with the show.
  • Freeform canceled the show in June, but it will return with two final episodes in 2019.

“Shadowhunters,” a supernatural teen drama inspired by Cassandra Clare’s “The Mortal Instruments” book series, has thousands of fans begging for its return.

Freeform announced the show’s cancellation in June. It said that after two final episodes to end season three air in early 2019, the series will come to a close. The series premiered in 2016, and was one of the network’s biggest shows. Unfortunately, ratings continued to drop.

But fans of “Shadowhunters” aren’t satisfied with the show ending so soon. They demand a fourth season, and have sought attention from streaming services including Amazon and Netflix in order to get it.

Since June, fans of the show started relentlessly tweeting with the hashtag #SaveShadowhunters. Since June, the hashtag has been used in over 10 million tweets, and the high rate hasn’t slowed down. The fans had a plane with #SaveShadowhunters banner circle Netflix’s LA headquarters and rented out two billboards in Times Square. Fans also made a Change.org petition to save the show that has over 143,000 signatures.

#SaveShadowhunters billboards in New York City’s Times Square:

Apparently, these efforts are quite effective. “Shadowhunters” producer Martin Moszkowicz told Deadline that he’s had discussions about “how we can continue to bring Cassandra Clare’s vision to television.” Moszkowicz also told Deadline that Constantin Film, which produces “Shadowhunters,” had noticed the campaign. “We are in ongoing discussions with the network and Netflix to how we can continue to bring Cassandra Clare’s vision to television,” Moszkowicz said.

A spokesperson from Netflix told Deadline that it did not have any negotiations in place to pick up the series for a fourth season.

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