Thousands Of Jobs At Australia's Tax Office Could Be Axed After The Budget

Joe Hockey is expected to axe thousands of public service jobs (Photo: Getty)

Thousands of public service positions could be axed through massive spending cuts expected in Tuesday’s federal budget, with programs to be scrapped and entire agencies closed.

The Australian says as many as 3000 positions could be cut in Treasurer Joe Hockey’s own portfolio, and that 200 spending programs face the axe, in portfolios such as environment, transport, industry, agriculture and indigenous affairs.

Hockey told the The Australian that spending cuts would do the “heavy lifting” as the Government seeks to return the budget to surplus.

The Australian says the ATO — which is in Hockey’s portfolio — will have to cut 3000 positions between now and October, with a similar impact expected in other departments.

“It’s not a do-nothing budget, I can assure you, because there are a number of structural initiatives,” Hockey said.

“Obviously, when there are structural initiatives, they take time. But where we can we have started initiatives on the first of July this year or next year.”

Meanwhile, the Government has also foreshadowed changes to petrol excise and a levy on high-income earners, which some have described as a broken promise on taxes.

There’s more here.

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