Watch thousands of fans in cosplay sell out Madison Square Garden to watch ‘League of Legends’

Business Insider Films’ first documentary, “League of Millions,” is available on iTunes and Amazon.

In this scene, devoted fans of League of Legends took over Madison Square Garden for the 2015 North American finals. It was a sold out event with many people in cosplay showing their love for their favourite characters. 

In “League of Millions,” it’s the middle of the 2015 League of Legends season. World famous Team Liquid has one goal: winning the World Championship. Six-figure salaries. Gruelling 18-hour days. Thrilling victories and devastating defeats. Five young men from vastly different cultures, united by a single dream: to be the best team in the world

League of Legends is a five versus five team game where each team tries to destroy the other team’s “nexus” or home base. It’s one of the most popular computer games in the world with 27 million people playing every day. 

Directed by Sam Rega. Edited by Josh Wolff. 

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