What the director of ‘Thought Crimes’ thinks about the current Cannibal Cop trial

Thought crimes cannibal cop HBO
Gilberto Valle heads to court in ‘Thought Crimes.’ HBO

Erin Lee Carr, the director of HBO’s latest documentary “Thought Crimes: The Case of the Cannibal Cop,”has been following the trial of Gilberto Valle since November 2013.

When Carr first started visiting him in January 2014, he was behind bars on a charge of kidnapping conspiracy and illegal use of federal databases. In July 2014, his case was overturned.

Now, Valle might have to stand trial again.

According to the New York Times, a prosecutor requested to reinstate the kidnapping conspiracy conviction against Valle, a former New York police officer. He was accused of plotting online to “abduct, torture, kill and eat women.”

HBO’s documentary “Thought Crimes” takes a sort of ambiguous stance on the case. Valle is allowed to speak for himself, and he asserts that all of his conversations were fantasies. However, he also illegally used police databases to research women that he possibly planned to victimize.

In reality, Carr takes a more certain stance on the case happening now.

“Judge [Paul] Gardephe threw out the acquittal in July 2014 and right now we’re hearing oral arguments of the prosecution to reinstate that conviction. I hope that does not happen.” Carr told Business Insider.

“Judge Gardephe’s decision was well researched and thought out and ultimately, the truth and I would be deeply uncomfortable if the conviction was reinstated or if he had to get a new trial,” she added.

Valle might stay out of prison, as two of the three judges looking into the new conviction are not on board with putting him back in prison. One of the judges said his cannibalistic fantasies should be treated the same as “hypothetical drug dealers caught on a wiretap talking about delivering cocaine ‘from the moon by leprechauns.'”

Though Carr is still deeply invested in the case, she tell us she doesn’t plan to do any follow-up projects with Valle.

“I will always personally follow the case, but no, I do not think that I will continue working on that story. My part is done.” Carr said.

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