Thomson-Reuters: $500 Mil Savings = 3000 To Be Fired

The EU wants to take a closer look at the Thomson-Reuters (RTRSY) merger (surprise, surprise).  The commission now expects to deliver its ruling on Feb 25th.  The companies, of course, will cooperate. NYT/Bloomberg

Meanwhile, the companies have said they expect the merger to save $500 million annually.  Translation: We’ll get some increased buying power that might save, say, $200 million, and we’ll fire also fire a lot of people. 

How many?  Assuming $100,000 all-in cost per person (probably high), this means 3,000 pink slips. 

The future departed (and shareholders) will be glad to know that their sacrifice will increase profit margins for the combined company by about 3 percentage points ($300 million on $11 billion in combined revenue).