THOMAS PIKETTY: 'The United States Is Becoming Like Old Europe'

thomas piketty

Thomas Piketty, famed for his work on inequality with Emmanuel Saez, dropped some striking lines in an interview with NYT’s Annie Lowrey:

“In a way, the United States is becoming like Old Europe, which is very strange in historical perspective,” Mr. Piketty said. “The United States used to be very egalitarian, not just in spirit but in actuality. Inequality of wealth and income used to be much larger in France. And very high taxes on the very rich — that was invented in the United States,” he said.

Mr. Saez added, “Absent drastic policy changes, I doubt that income inequality will decline on its own.”

We have previously written about how US income inequality compares to the Gilded Age, the Feudal Age and the Roman Empire.

To see some of Piketty’s work, check out 23 charts on inequality in America >

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