Thomas Dux is up for sale

Thomas Dux Paddington.

Woolworths is putting its gourmet food chain Thomas Dux up for sale, less than a year after it became profitable.

According to the SMH, Woolworths put Thomas Dux up for sale earlier this year with a price tag of between $10 million and $20 million.

There are now 10 Thomas Dux stores. The first one was opened in Sydney’s Lane Cove back in 2008. The chain grew to 12 stores in 2009 when Woolworths bought Macro Wholefoods for about $20 million.

The SMH reported potential buyers could include South African-based Woolworths Holdings which also owns David Jones and L Capital Asia which owns Jones the Grocer, a gourmet chain which is currently in voluntary administration.

Woolworths has not commented on the report.

There’s more here.

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