CBS Crowing That Sunday's Super Bowl Will Be The Most-Viewed Game Ever

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CBS Sports ad sales chief John Bogusz is selling it hard.

He told Sports Business Journal that this year’s Super Bowl will attract more television viewers than any other game before it.

Since CBS is airing the game, Bogusz is not the most objective source.

But the numbers show he could be right: The 2008 and 2009 Super Bowls were the two most-watched Super Bowls in history, and with the Colts-Saints match-up, this game will be no different.

Longtime sports media consultant Neal Pilson said he expects this year’s Super Bowl to attract as much as 43.5 million viewers.

The entire NFL season has been a ratings hit, with viewership increasing well into the playoffs. 

But close games and big markets aren’t the only elements driving high ratings. 

Fox Sports Chairman David Hill and Bogusz each stated that story lines are responsible for the ratings surge.  “The league has been filled with them this year, from quarterback Brett Favre playing in Minnesota to the hurricane-ravaged New Orleans market finding on-field success,” reported Sports Business Journal.

The Three Most-Viewed Super Bowls In History (From Sports Business Journal)
YR SB NET RAT VIEWERS (000) MATCHUP 2009 XLIII NBC 42.0 98,732 Steelers-Cardinals 2008 XLII Fox 43.1 97,448 Giants-Patriots 1996 XXX NBC 46.0 94,080 Cowboys-Steelers

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