This Year's Miami Heat Are EXACTLY Like Last Year's Cleveland Cavaliers

LeBron James Miami Heat

Photo: AP

We’re just past the halfway point of the NBA season and the Miami Heat (despite losing their last three games) are an impressive 30-12.After 42 games last year, the Cleveland Cavaliers were 31-11.

The reason for the similarity, of course, is the same reason they’ve lost the three games: LeBron James.

Despite teaming up with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, the end result is basically the same. The Heat without LeBron are not much better than Cavaliers without LeBron.

(By the way: In almost every single category, James’ per game averages are down ever so slightly from 2010. We’d say that’s worth about one extra loss, wouldn’t you?)

Yes, his second fiddle, Wade, is the best guard he’s played with, but from top to bottom the rest of the roster isn’t any stronger than the Cavs. And right now they’re facing the same struggle that the Cavs had throughout James’ career. When he’s not there, how can they find a way win?

They dominate lesser opponents, but still struggle against the league elite. Seven of their losses have come against teams in second place or better in their division. In the two games before the current losing streak started, they were taken to overtime both nights.

The Heat are good. At times, they look otherworldly. But the question remains the same question, we’ve been wondering about all season. When push comes to shove in the playoffs, can they get any farther than the Cavaliers did in their last two postseasons? Right now, there’s no reason to think the answer will be any different than it was in Cleveland.


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