Go Ahead, What Are You Afraid Of?

Still debating whether this is the year to take an outsized risk, to make a strong decision, or whether “start a company” should be your New Year’s Resolution?

What’s stopping you? What are you afraid of?

Is it better to be embarrassed or to do nothing worth judging?

Is it better to make an argument and be wrong or to be complacent and thoughtless?

Is it better to put your savings in the stock market or bet it on yourself?

Is it better to try changing the world and fail miserably or to just talk about changing the world?

Is it better to stretch beyond your abilities and confront your limitations or to never know what you’re capable of?

Is it better to take your shot and flame out spectacularly, or to never know whether you had a shot?

It’s better, even if you fail …
… and what if you don’t?


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