This Year, Sam's Annual Lamb Rant Takes Aim At Organic Chia Seeds

It’s a din now as familiar to Australian summers as cicadas and cricket on the radio – Sam Kekovic shouting about eating lamb.

2014 marks 10 years of satirical, pun-laden rants by the 63-year-old former AFL player and “Lambassador” for Meat and Livestock Australia. He kicked off in 2005, outraging vegetarians when he called them “un-Australian”. The ad campaign has attracted a steady stream of complaints to Advertising Standards Bureau ever since, but continues unscathed.

His latest spray is a follow-up to the childcare-themed ad released a fortnight ago in which he he says “If we’d argued less about Gonski and talked more about chopski, our nation’s future would look much brighter”.

Now he takes aim at “la-di-da food worship”.

“Feeding the next generation organic chia seeds is jeopardising the future of our great nation,” he says. “Tell the kids to forget their Instagramming and filter choosing. The only filter you need is good, old-fashioned barbie smoke – I call it Instalamb!”

Watch the earlier 2014 ad.

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